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How Can You Make Your Sex Wish List Exotic?

Do you want to show your bestial self to someone new? Are you bored with your monotonic life? Well, the escort service in Pune is always at your service. You can book our girls and have fun! Besides trying new positions and doing all the odd kinky stuff, you can try many things. Enjoy the thrill of hooking up by enhancing your sex wish list! Make it so exotic that you can spend a lusty evening doing them. 

Below are a few tips that you can follow to add up erotic stuff to your sex wish list and try them while visiting the Pune call girls.

Tip One - Ask The Girls To Striptease! 

While our Pune call girl joins you for a lusty night, try something new that can excite you more. Ask the girl to striptease. Our girls know tricks, and they can try those for undressing to excite you. Play the music of your choice and let her dance. Nothing can be lusty and sexy than seeing an escort undress. Never miss the chance to include stripteasing in your sex wish list. 

Tip Two - Have Sex With Cops and Pole Dancers

If you are looking for stuff to enhance your sex wish list, then you should try roleplays. Our Pune escort service girls can dress like doctors, nurses, police, air hostess, or bar dancers. They will try to give you the real feel as they ride you. Enjoy the fun of roleplays and satiate your unfulfilled desires. 

Tip Three - Ask For Oral sex 

Add in your sex wish list to ask for oral sex as you visit a call girl in Pune. You may have tried out wild things and crazy positions, but oral sex can give you immense pleasure. Our girls know the correct tricks to satiate your sexual urge. They can try those once you ask for oral sex. 

Tip Four - Try To Have Prolonged Foreplay

If you cannot communicate with the escort, you will be unable to enjoy good sex. As you plan to hook up with Pune escort girls, remember to have extended foreplay to satiate your sexual urges. Foreplay can excite you and your partner very much. You both may have orgasms. Have fun and enjoy the moment. Be so passionate that you have no regrets! 

Tip Five - Initiate Dirty Talks To Set The Mood

Be on fire as you hook up with the girls from the escorts service in Pune. To set the mood for the night, initiate lusty talks and engage your girl! Woo her, and entice her so that you can enjoy great sex with them. Remember, the more you talk of erotic things, you get more and more excited! 

Try Pune Escorts For Ultimate Pleasure

Whether you visit the Pune escorts for the first time or not, you must have a sex wish list. It will help you to do all things you desire. Enhance your list and experience good sex with our girls.